International Journal of ePortfolio

Volume 3 • Number 2 • 2013

Instructional Articles

ePortfolio as a Measure of Reflective Practice
         Kelly A. Parkes, Virginia Tech
         Katie Dredger, Virginia Tech
         David Hicks, Virginia Tech
pp. 99-115

Faculty Professional Development: Advancing Integrative Social Pedagogy Using ePortfolio
         Rajendra Bhika, LaGuardia Community College
         Andrea Francis, LaGuardia Community College
         Dionne Miller, LaGuardia Community College

pp. 117-133

The ePortfolio as a Living Portal: A Medium for Student Learning, Identity, and Assessment
         Celeste Fowles Nguyen, Stanford University
pp. 135-148

ePortfolios: Promoting Special Educator Adaptive Expertise Through Reflection in a Web-Based Learning Community
         Serra T. De Arment, Virginia Commonwealth University
         Angela P. Wetzel, Virginia Commonwealth University
         Evelyn Reed, Virginia Commonwealth University

pp. 149-160
Assessment Article

Developing Codebooks as a New Tool to Analyze Students' ePortfolios
         Maria Antonietta Impedovo, University of Bari
         Giuseppe Ritella, University of Helsinki
         Maria Beatrice Ligorio, University of Bari
pp. 161-176
Technology, Policy, and Management Article

Evaluating Processes and Platforms for Potential ePortfolio Use: The Role of the Middle Agent
         Christine Slade, University of the Sunshine Coast
         Keith Murfin, University of the Sunshine Coast
         Kylie Readman, University of the Sunshine Coast
pp. 177-188
Research Literature Review

ePortfolio Effectiveness: A(n Ill-Fated) Search for Empirical Support
         Lauren H. Bryant, North Carolina State University
         Jessica R. Chittum, Virginia Tech
pp. 189-198





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